The Hotel Moinho de Vento with the three stars rank is located in the center of Viseu, in full commercial and business area, very quiet, next to the City Park and easy access to anywhere in the city. It has parking, 30 double rooms, as well as a meeting room with capacity for 80 people. This unique place with a sober decoration but never ceasing to think of being and comfort of its customers puts at your disposal a set of equipment and services such as bar service, Internet, fax, room service, laundry "express" and rent -a-car. All this combined with a personalized welcome make the Hotel Moinho de Vento the ideal place for your stay in Viseu.

Hotel Moinho de Vento has 30 double rooms. they all equipped with private bathroom, telephone, with satellite TV, minibar, air conditioning and Internet access.

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Comfortable Rooms

We have 30 double rooms. With good lighting, with good sun exposure, with TV and internet.


Good job

The good service and good price prevails. We have professionals who will serve with professionalism and friendliness.


Bar D. Quixote

The D. Quixote bar is located next to the reception where all the decoration is based on the English Pub concept centered on a magnificent fireplace that delights all who visit us in the winter thus giving another flavor to your favorite drink.


Room Panorama

The Panorama Room has panoramic views of the Cathedral and the old town, is the ideal place for your meetings making them interesting and motivating for all the people in it are trained, visiting clients, or simply live in social life events

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Museum Grão Vasco

This museum space of Viseu has a collection that includes works of art of different typology and chronology. The main collection of the Museum consists of a remarkable set of altarpiece paintings, from the Cathedral, the churches of the region and deposits from other museums, authored by Vasco Fernandes (c. 1475-1542), the Onix, employees and contemporary. The collection also includes objects and supports figurative originally intended for liturgical practices (painting, sculpture, jewelry and ivories, from the Romanesque to the Baroque), mostly from the Cathedral and churches in the region, which added pieces of archeology, an important collection of painting Portuguese of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, copies of Portuguese faience, oriental porcelain and furniture.


Sé of Viseu

The present cathedral was built next to a primitive Swabian-Visigoth temple that would date from the tenth century, however, it was during the reign of D. Afonso Henriques the imposing cathedral, symbol of Viseense story began to take shape.Upon arriving at the forecourt of the Cathedral, the visitor is confronted with the majestic façade delimited by two robust bell towers, a medieval building and the other rebuilt in the seventeenth century, after being overthrown by a violent storm. Among them stands the central body as a masterful stone altarpiece, which are distributed six niches which house the sculptures representing the four Evangelists, S. Teotonio, patron of the Cathedral, and the Lady of the Assumption. At the center, the arch portal down invites to come.


Termas of S. Pedro Sul

One of the reasons to decide to come to the baths Termas de S. Pedro do Sul has its roots in history. Are lost in time, the first traces of the use of its thermal waters with curative purposes and welfare. Bring us even for the pre-history.But if these are no longer easily visible, the same does not happen with the use that the Romans made these waters, followed them many of our greatest kings as D. Afonso Henriques and D. Manuel I. It is therefore a wisdom made several millennia of multiple experiences and permanent positive results to support throughout history the same use.



Roman Wall

When the City Council initiated the redevelopment of Formosa Street in 2004 I did not imagine the surprise that the works would bring to the city of Viseu. The discovery in the basement of an important Roman wall section brought new impetus to the discussion about the ancient origins of the city that was two thousand years ago, an important political, economic and military center. Along the wall, important archaeological finds of everyday life of viseenses ancestors defined the importance of preserving this stretch of history. After all, if the wall can not be taken to the museum, you can take the museum to the wall.



Ecotral of Dão

The line of Dão, old railway line between Tondela and Viseu, disabled in 1988, was transformed in 2011 in the beautiful Ecotrail Dan. With 49 km is the longest Ecotrail of Portugal and perhaps also the most beautiful. The initial part of this bike path, starting from Santa Comba Dao, situated on the banks of the river Dão and its tributary, the river Paiva. Each bend in the river means a curve in Ecotrail and magnificent views in the middle of nature. Further on the Ecotrail moves away from the river, but the landscape is still very beautiful, with many cork oaks, chestnut trees and oaks, but also some vineyards, cultivated fields and villages.


Bioparque - São Pedro Sul

Bioparque, a place where peace and quiet abound, associated with a magnificent vegetation in communion with a wide variety of species and plants, enjoyed through its footpaths. Living Mountain in its full, it is possible in this space, through accommodation in Bungalows, Mountain House and Acampamento.O Zone pleasure of the fresh waters of the Arada mountain, is available to the pools, the flavors in the bar, the practice some sports in our volleyball and soccer; as well as a whole series of adventure activities that allow you to be a "rebel" adrenaline lover.



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